The Goal is Set

Sooooo excited and a purpose once again lays in front of us. An opportunity, a new life, and a healthy move. Yes! We are going to move! I’m so excited for the possibilities. Did some searching last night and found Texas and Arizona reinstate gun rights to felons. Luckily my work is located in both states, and both states are Republican states! I am so excited for my bull. We will have to wait five years til my dragonling turns 18. Then, if she wants to come with us, she can and her bio father can’t say anything. I am so excited for her to have this opportunity. She has been so sheltered living here and she can have a new opportunity as well to meet new people and see new things. Now, in the meantime we just need to keep this goal in mind and do all we can to put aside money and get our debts paid. We’ll have the truck paid off in 9 months, and in 3 we’ll have 3 credit cards paid off and the extra money from those will go towards getting the others paid off. My student loan, and two other credit cards will be tougher, but we’ll get there. Five years seems so far off, but to pursue this opportunity for my bull, we can get there together. We can get things in order to make this happen. I will stop buying things for the house or any extra clothes that I don’t need. We have everything and more for our needs to be taken care of. We can make this happen. I need this to happen. I need to get out of this town and out of this state. I want this. I just wish we didn’t have to wait five years.



The dragonling got me going tonight! She started working with Asha on her own and the other dogs all wanted to be part, so we left the others with my bull and we took Asha into the living room. We reinforced her sit, stay, come, and ball. I say “her” commands, because hers are in her own version of Polish. Zhadi has her own set of commands so we can tell one to do one thing and the other won’t. Max is the only one to teach himself Asha’s version of come and sit. The bull and I after work went to the store and bought 3 large balls and Asha was nervous and unsure of them. We are well on her way of actually liking them. We put treats (dry cereal) on top and gave her her command of ball. When she went over and touched the ball to take the treats, we clicked the clicker. We’ve gotten her three times already to go to the ball without a treat on it! She always amazes me with how smart she is and how quickly she picks up the commands!

A mess

So I didn’t meet my step goal on Sunday or Monday. I feel bad about it. I didn’t do my exercises yesterday, but chose to wait till today so the bull and I can be back on the same schedule. Not a day difference. I’m so exhausted from this week at work already, I just want to curl up in my pajamas and sleep. I have to push myself though. Or I’ll just continue to not be happy.

Decided I wanted to get my nails done again. Jeannie is out of town and so I decided to go to the place near the house. Karma is a bitch. Light pink, white tips, acrylic. No, no, no. Then wanted to charge me an extra $10. NO! I’m happy I at least said no I wasn’t paying the extra.


Did I seriously just see that commercial?? #FinishIT you’ve got to be kidding! Sooooo inappropriate! I respect the commercials and what they’re trying to do, but their “Twinkle, twinkle Little Dick” commercial is a bit much. I’m an open minded person and speak honestly with my dragonling, but I don’t appreciate having certain words thrown across my television screen. Wow! I feel like society is pushing the envelope. If they wanted to say “smoking causes erectile dysfunction” that’s one thing but to say “dick” (pretending it to be the character’s name) and saying “you can’t get it up” is abhorrent!